“Life by Design” with Coach Lisa Smith on Living Fully After40, 10-18-2010



Lisa is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Level 1 EFT Practitioner, and NLP Practitioner in the Virginia Beach area.  She is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, Toastmasters International, and Life Member the Virginia Junior Chamber of Commerce. She has been trained by two of the top success coaches in the world, Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins, in methods to improve self-esteem, self-mastery, confidence, and peak performance.

In over 14 years as a hypnotherapist, she has conducted more than 10,000 hypnosis sessions with adults and children for weight loss; smoking/tobacco-cessation and other addictions; learning; stress and anxiety; phobias; surgery, cancer, pain management, and other body-mind conditions. She also utilizes her training in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and EFT (emotional freedom technique) to assist her clients in making quicker, easier, and more lasting changes in their personal as well as business lives.

Ms. Smith has written many articles on improving the mind and body, and been interviewed on local and national radio stations. She is a sought-after speaker and presents workshops for creating health and self-fulfillment. She now has a growing specialty in helping other business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through the marketing, mindset and manifestation principles that have helped her grow Life by Design.

Connect with Lisa:

blog: Lessons on Living Fully  http://blog.hypnocoachlisa.com/
book I co-authored: Top Coaches Share their Personal Action Strategies
or can be found on the store page of my websiteLISA SMITH


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  3. Vaughn Reth says:

    Amazing This really is one of the most beneficial blogs I’ve ever browsed on this subject.

  4. Thanks for the information, I am a huge fan of Hypnosis and am looking into its uses on a more subliminal level. Good blog…wordpress I believe?

  5. Lisa Smith says:

    Hi Anna!

    I wanted to thank you again for having me as a guest on Living Fully After 40.
    I had a great time talking with you during our 1-hour segment. You asked wonderful questions and kept it positive, informational, and fun! I enjoyed sharing my perspective, experiences and resources with your listeners and hope it helped at least one person believe that they achieve their dreams and to take some action NOW to live fully after 40!
    Your show offers excellent content and your lighthearted and caring nature makes it a show I would love to be a guest on again in the future.

    Lisa Smith

    40+ entrepreneur
    Life by Design, LLC

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