It’s NEVER about the Money …even when it is with The Financial Whisperer, Pegi Burdick, LFA40 1-14-13


How much sleep do you lose worrying about money?
How much stress do you carry every day about your debts, current expenses and future stability?
Is money the elephant in the living room for you and your spouse?

Pegi Burdick is an expert in teaching women how to separate their emotions from their money, all of which she learned through her personal journey from financial ruin to recovery. Pegi’s life unraveled in 2006 as she was leaving the mortgage industry, a husband of 11 years, her home and her favorite dog was dying. How Pegi found the path and tools to save her life is the subject of her book:

It’s NEVER about the money…even when it is.

Pegi Burdick began her journey toward untangling her emotions from her money as Vice President of National Sales for a clothing company. It was owned by a woman and staffed by women with an entire client base of females. In this environment, Pegi began to understand the unique intricacies of how women communicate, grow, and interact with each other. It was truly an eye-opening experience for her.

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Unresolved financial conflicts between the owner and the management team frustrated her, and she left for a more predictable environment, unsure what that would be, but open to anything that made sense.

She became a mortgage broker – a position in which the relationship with clients is rooted in trust. As she learned the business, she was amazed at the ways in which so many women mismanaged their finances. The stories and the struggles of her clients inspired Pegi to develop the concept for a business, Home Loans For Women. The company strived to help those women keep their homes and repair their finances, and 5% of the net profit went to support organizations that helped victims of domestic abuse.

These experiences, combined with several years of prior business experience, armed Pegi with the knowledge, skills and passion to create
THE FINANCIAL WHISPERER, a program that helps women separate their emotions from their finances. Through this program, women learn to recognize and understand how and why they confuse love and money, why they have difficulty demanding what they deserve, and receive tools that are life changing.

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