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By Randi Fine

In preparation for an inspiring interview last night with Anna Banks on her radio show “Living Fully After 40,” I reflected on the highlights of middle age.  I discovered, while mentally unearthing the positive side of aging, that there are many benefits to this inevitable change of life.  Those revelations did not take me by surprise.  Personally, I think this is the best time of life.  As far as I’m concerned, my life has just begun.

At 52 I’m living my dream life.  I’m not talking about a material dream life;  all I ever wanted was stability, serenity, and love.  I now have all those things.  The foundation of my life could not be any stronger.  Though I strive for personal achievements, I’m not looking to those things for happiness.  They will be icing on the cake.  We should never stop striving to reach new goals.  That is how we stay young in our mind.  Our mind is our fountain of youth.

As we age, we leave a trail of successes, failures, and hard earned lessons behind us.  Those experiences are the bricks and mortar of our life.  They have built us and delivered to this this exceptional station of our adulthood.  We have had the benefit of time to evaluate our past, and now have the wisdom and experience to reevaluate the present.  With the advantage of hindsight we have hopefully learned to trust our own judgement and listen to our intuition. 

At this point in life, we know ourselves.  The impact we used to feel from other’s judgement has dwindled down.  Others opinions are taken with a grain of salt.  We are more outspoken with our thoughts and feelings.  And we tend to live our life with m

Randi Fine life after 40

ore honesty.  Our happiness and successes are defined by our own terms–we can walk to the beat of whatever drum

we choose.

Many of us have established a spiritual foundation, whether through religion or of our own design.  That foundation helps to carry us through difficult times.  We are more willing to accept the things we cannot change, difficult as that may be at times, but easier when trusting in a power greater than ourselves. 

At this time of life, many of us are, or are soon to become empty nesters.  For those of us who have spent the last 18+ years raising children, this means redefining ourselves as something other than parents.  Many of us are now retiring after having been immersed in our careers and defined by them for the last four decades.  Though we enter scary, unchartered waters, it is also a rebirth for us; a time to pursue our personal interests and whatever dreams we may have.  It is a time to discover hidden talents and to express ourselves in ways we never have before.

As our outer beauty changes in ways we wish it wouldn’t, our inner beauty blossoms and radiates until it overshadows our outer shell.  We become more exquisite than we have ever been.  Hopefully by now we have learned to love ourselves, to nurture our souls.  We may not all be there yet, but we are much more aware of its importance. 

My forties were wonderful but my fifties are exceptional.  I am embarking on a new journey that is exciting for me.  I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  As long as I have stability, serenity, and love in my life, I will always be happy.

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Love Always,




Evana Maggiore, Author of Fashion Feng Shui

Dear Anna

I thoroughly enjoyed being a guest in your show. Your interviewing style is so warm and inviting that I felt totally at “home.”
Best of luck with future shows. Yes, please do keep me on your contact list.


Evana Maggiore

Author of FASHION FENG SHUI The Power of Dressing with Intention
“…takes personal style to a whole new deeper healing level. Bravo.” Christiane Northrup, MD


Carol Fulwiler Jones, MA

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Hi Anna,

I wanted to thank you for having me as a guest on your show last week. You were so easy to talk with, and thank you for making my experience so seamless and comfortable. I have been on many radio shows and yours stands out as one of my most enjoyable appearances. I was impressed you had read my book and referenced the material throughout the interview. Thank you for mentioning my website and how to order my book several times during the show.

It would be my privilege to be a guest on your show in the future. Thank you again for letting me be a part of the important work you are doing.

Carol Fulwiler Jones, MA

“Thanks so much for interviewing me on your show Anna—you did a great job and it was a lot of fun! Please keep me in your Caregiving, Alzheimer’s, Breast Cancer guest file, as I’d be delighted to be on your program again anytime!”

—Jacqueline Marcell, Author of ‘Elder Rage’, International Speaker, Host of the ‘Coping with Caregiving’ Radio Show

Julie Austin

“Anna made sure my interview on “Living Fully After 40” went smoothly, and she was so upbeat and perky that the time just flew by. She makes her guests feel comfortable, and I think she could handle just about any situation she’s put in.”

Julie Austin, Author, “The Money Garden”,;

“Having been a guest on several radio and television talk shows, I can say that Anna Banks is a top interviewer who gets to the heart of the matter with professionalism and a caring attitude.  Her goal is to help the listener understand what can be confusing subject matter, while allowing the guest time to explain the issues.”

– Robert C. Adamski, Attorney,;

“Having been a guest on many radio shows, I have lots of experiences with many different hosts.  My experience with Anna Banks was by far one of the most enjoyable.  Not only did I find her professional in her preparation, but the interview, itself ran seamlessly.  It was as if we were old friends having a wonderfully informative conversation.  It was a pleasure to be a guest with her and I am delighted that she has asked me back!  Thank you, Anna, for such a rewarding interaction.”

Dr. Karen Sherman,

“Interviewing with Anna Banks was like visiting with an old friend. Anna has a knack for bringing her guest, herself and her listeners all into the same sphere where we can share, learn and inspire each other. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to spend time with her.”

Stacy D. Shelton, Inspirational speaker and author of Me, the Crazy Woman and Breast Cancer,


Linda Sacha, Author, Queen for A Day

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Anna – I have been interviewed by hosts across the country and it takes a special style and gift to have a guest feel welcome. From the first moment you called, I felt like I was conversing with a best gal pal. Thank you for your insightful questions, engaging conversation and the privilege of experiencing the loveliness of YOU!”

Linda Sacha, Author, Queen for A Day,

“Our hour together was informal, engaging, and entertaining. Anna kept the conversation flowing—and a conversation it was with much give and take. I felt she understood my message and she was very generous in allowing me to “plug” my work. I have posted the MP3 of our interview on my site and am pleased to be able to offer it to my list.”

Denis Ledoux, Soleil Lifestory Network,