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Clarice W. Dowdle

The Time Is Now!  “If you find yourself wondering whether the time has come to be actively involved in the lives, activities, and decisions of your aging parents or loved ones, then that time has indeed arrived.  In fact, it may be overdue,’ says Clarice W. Dowdle, Founder, COO and author of “Time for the Talk:  The Ten Step Plan for Effective Senior Caregiving Today.”

Throughout most of her professional life in marketing and PR, Clarice W. Dowdle always life was about helping and hand holding others to achieve their goals.   And, throughout most of her personal life it seemed in one way or another Clarice was also the one family member everyone would go to for help, advice or direction.   Clarice realized after an intensive caregiving experience with her father last year, that there needed to be a face and voice for this issue…since there are over 65 million family caregivers in our country today, with the largest % of our population now being seniors.

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Someone had to be honest, forthcoming, and explain the process of care-giving from the first onset of concern to the final transition.  Not just facts and figures but real issues that face our baby boomer generation every day as they care of their parents  and loved ones as well as the elderly that are now facing their “golden years” which for some are just not so golden. Read More→

Former Days Of Our Lives actresses and mother/daughter writing team, Kimberley A. Johnson and Ann Werner talk with Anna Banks, host of Living Fully After 40 Radio about their recently debuted their new book about FIRST TIME SEX.

THE VIRGIN DIARIES is a compilation of anonymous stories describing the experience of first time consensual sex.
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The 78 million-strong population of Baby Boomers currently represents as much as 40% of the American workforce. All, or most of these boomers are unlikely to look at complete retirement at the age of 65 and as many as seven in ten of the boomers who are eligible for retirement actually plan to work far past age of retirement or never retire at all. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says, that the total rate of growth of the workforce is on the decline. It will go from 12%, which is the current growth rate, to a mere 4% in the decade leading to 2020. In the very near future, employers will find that it has become crucial to hire, and keep mature workers happy within the organizations and the workforce.

However, it would astound the prospective employee to know that in spite of all this highly publicized research and the available statistics, 80% of companies have failed to make any changes in the organizational structure or work atmosphere to make special provisions available for older workers. This state of affairs needs to undergo a rapid sea change if these companies want to retain their competitive edge, minimize the impact of the declining workforce growth on their businesses, and if they wish to be seen as employers who are friendly to the increasing number of older workers.

By the same token, the over-50 candidate who is looking for a new job can improve his/her chances of landing the job they want by becoming more knowledgeable about the coming labor shortage, making sure they are the right choice, and demonstrating to prospective employers the fact that they can match and support the evolving needs of the company.

Now, the question is what the mature worker wants and how he/she can achieve these goals over the ten years or so. Some of the goals for a 50 plus worker may be:

1. Financial Stability: This is one of the main reasons that influence the decision of baby boomers to continue working after 60.

• The answer: Mature workers will have to look for jobs that will enable them to cover all their obligations. It is a good idea to speak to colleagues, various professional organizations, and recruiters, and research online about their current market value.

2. Different Employment Packages: Companies will find it necessary to recruit qualified candidates and create new strategies to retain baby boomers. Boomers want flexibility in their work arrangements, more meaningful and satisfying work, better and more comprehensive benefits, as well as opportunities for training and development.

• The answer: Boomers must find out about companies actively showing commitment to an older, more mature workforce through AARP surveys and magazines, newsletters, networking, especially in age-related discussion groups.

3. Age Bias: whether real or perceived, it is seen that hiring managers and even some decision makers have certain preconceptions about older workers.

• The answer: Older candidates ought to interact and work around changes, training, and relationships, and break the stereotypes.

4. Benefits and Pension Plans: Internal Revenue Code regulations prohibit any defined benefit pension plans from making payments or disbursements until employment ends

• The answer: If receiving a pension is important, working for an organization, including their old employer, as a consultant, may be a better idea so that the pension benefits are unaffected.

The labor situation is changing rapidly, and will continue to change in the near future. Keeping themselves informed about these changes and finding ways to better market their accomplishments will enable mature professionals to improve their future career paths.

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