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M. Cecile Forté, Ph.D.

An author, researcher and national motivational speaker, M. Cecile Forté, Ph.D., explores issues of marriage, relationships, women and aging in our youth driven society. She uses her expertise in this arena to produce her popular one woman show, “Who you calling old?!” on Blog Talk Radio. What would life be like if women and men were free to be who they were born to be. Like most Baby Boomers, Cecile’s not “…going gently into that good night!”

Cecile was born in San Diego, California. Her family returned to New York where she received her education in both public and private schools. For 35 years she enjoyed a successful career as a teacher, administrator and consultant for public schools, colleges and universities. She’s earned a national reputation as an author and a specialist in Developmental Education as well as an expertise in the accreditation of colleges and universities in the continental U.S. and Puerto Rico.

She began her career as an English teacher in Freeport, New York. (She married her boss!) She realized the needs of her students in the area of literacy and decided to pursue a Masters Degree in Reading Instruction. She entered the Doctoral program in Reading and Learning Disabilities at Hofstra University.

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Anna D. Banks, Platinum Author
By Anna D. Banks, GCDF 

While planning for retirement is essential for everybody, it is especially imperative for women. For example, although it is a huge undertaking for everybody to save money for retirement, the challenges and obstacles faced by women are varied and unique, which need to be considered while planning for their post-retirement life.

One of the most important factors to take into consideration is that women, on an average, have longer lives than men by about six years. This means, that compared to men, they will require extra money for their retirement. According to some studies made by demographists, most baby boomer women who are approaching their retirement age are expected to live well into their nineties. This implies that women will have to prepare for emotional and financial security during a retirement that could last more than thirty years, in many cases.

Another challenging factor typically faced by many women is spending less time in the work force. Studies show that on retiring, men put in 44 years of work on an average, while women account for just 32 years. The reason being that it is women who usually take a break from their careers to have and take care of their children, and sometimes even to look after aged parents. Read More→

by Anna D. Banks, GCDF

Just investing in a retirement plan does not guarantee that you will be financially secure at your retirement. One mistake in planning for your retirement could land a baby boomer in a heap of trouble and push your retirement back by years. To make sure that you are in the perfect position to retire when you want to, and on your own terms, diligent planning is as essential as is avoiding the most common pre-retirement planning mistakes that baby boomers make. Read More→

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