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List of Social Networking Sites

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By Doug McIsaac at

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When you think of social networking sites, there are some obvious candidates that may immediately come to mind. It may be surprising to know how many different social networking sites are actually out there. Here is a basic list of social networking sites online, but this list is by no means exhaustive.

Blogging – These are social networking sites that either center completely around communicating through blogging, or put a large emphasis on the concept of blogging.

– Blogger,
– Livejournal,
– Twitter,
– Windows Live Spaces,
– WordPress,
– Vox,
– Xanga,

General Social Networking – These are the core of the social networking concept, with names like MySpace, Flickr, YouTube and Facebook leading the pack.

– ClassMates,
– Bebo,
– Deviant Art,
– Facebook,
– Flickr,
– LinkedIn,
– Meetup,
– MySpace,
– YouTube,
– Gather,
– imeem,
– Itsmy,
– My Yearbook,
– Webshots,

International Social Networking – These sites are especially popular in international countries, or are intended to cater to residents of a specific country. Friendster, for example, is a worldwide social networking site but it is especially popular in countries other than the United States. Biip, on the other hand, is a social networking site designed for the Norwegian community.

– Friendster,
– Face Party,
– Friends Reunited,
– Biip,
– Cloob,
– Cyworld,
– Fotolog,
– Frühstückstreff,
– Grono,
– Habbo,
– hi5,
– Hyves,
– IRC Galleria,
– iWiW,
– Profile Heaven,

Niche Interests – These are social networking sites that are geared toward certain interests like music lovers, bibliophiles, coffee enthusiasts or pop culture.

– Advogato,
– Amie Street,
– ANobii,
– CafeMom,
– Buzznet,
– Broadcaster,
– Cake Financial,
– Care2,
– Eons,
– TravBuddy,
– Travellerspoint Travel Community,
– BlackPlanet,
– Elftown,
– Flixster,
– Geni,
– Goodreads,
– Gossip Report,
– Guild Café,
– Hospitality club,
– Library Thing,
– Lifeknot,
– Live Mocha,
– One World TV,
– Plaxo,
– Ravelry,
– Sci Space,

Social Media – These sites specialize in sharing media and news with other members of the community.

– Digg,
– StumbleUpon,
– Reddit,
– Fark,

Younger Generation – These are social networking sites that are best suited for younger generations and students.

– College Tonight,
– Gaia Online,
– NeoPets,
– Reunion,

Each one of these sites can be a good solid way to drive targeted traffic to your articles or your website. Before you ask, yes, you have to be careful not to do and outright sales pitch on your post. But with a little thinking on your part you will be able to make a useful post that is directed to your target market, without coming across as spam.

Some of the sites will not lend themselves to this marketing strategy, unless you are very creative in your post. Consequently you will find yourself being banned and your post being deleted if you violate the terms of service of those and others reflected on this list of social networking sites.
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By Anna D. Banks

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