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C. Thomas Gambrell and Gerald D. Rogers

Co-authors C. Thomas Gambrell and Gerald D. Rogers answer an age old question in their new book, “Success on God’s Terms”, which is “Can you have success without selling your soul?” According to these authors the answer is a resounding — YES! In today’s marketplace where everyone seems to be obsessed with fame, money and success, these authors demonstrate to readers how to apply the Word of God to achieve work-life balance and good success in the business realm without succumbing to the worldly temptations of self-centeredness, greed and bad success.

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C. Thomas Gambrell, a professional success coach at C. Thomas Coaching addresses audiences throughout the nation training and inspiring people to become peak performers. Mr. Gambrell’s success emanates from a true passion for helping individuals and organizations get more of the right things done in less time.

Gerald D. Rogers is a passionate and kingdom-minded author and market place minister at . He provides spiritual grounding, physical health and mortgage financing coaching to solve life’s challenges for church goers, entrepreneurs and home owners.

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Charmein Canton

Chamein Canton author of Down That Aisle in Style, began her fascination with weddings and event planning as a little girl growing up on Long Island. By the age of three she’d already made her first of many wedding cakes. Once she became a teenager she often found it hard to pass bridal magazines without taking a peek. A born romantic, she married early and subsequently gave birth to twin boys, Sean and Scott, in May of 1987. Although her marriage ended in divorce, it didn’t dampen her love of weddings, and after many years working as a paralegal she decided to follow her heart — she started her own business, Creative Elegance Catering and Wedding Consulting.

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Miriam Goodman is a journalist, author, award-winning radio and television producer, and public relations consultant. She has interviewed more than a thousand people, from celebrities to diplomats, from Margaret Mead to Marilyn Chambers. She created, produced and hosted the first nationally syndicated feminist radio program, which ran for seven years from New York to San Francisco on the RKO radio network and dozens of other stations and earned several radio awards. She has been a frequent contributor to National Public Radio, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Miriam was a television producer for Newsweek Broadcasting, a documentary producer for the San Francisco NBC TV-affiliate and received two EMMY nominations her television documentaries.

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You’ve Earned Your Money  Now Here’s How to Keep It!

“It’s easy for anyone to believe the government protects it’s citizens’ rights.  But the truth is, in matters of taxes, once the IRS gets its hands on your money, you can kiss that money goodbye.  You must act before that event takes place.  At the end of the day, it’s what your and your family get to keep that  counts.”  ~ Rick Rodgers, CFP

Tax efficient investing has always been important. It will become even more important if the Bush tax cuts come to an end on December 31, 2010. The top 2% of income earners with total family income above $250,000 will be hit especially hard. Some call it the largest tax increase in history.

Join us, Monday, December 2, 2010 as Lee Pelko, CFP from the firm Rodgers and Associates, shares Living Fully After 40 Radio,
some suggestions to consider to
prepare for 2011.

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Actress Corinne Chateau knew that if she was going to have a baby, she had better hurry up—but something kept stopping her. Was it the fear of giving up a life of theatre and artistic freedom? Or was it something even deeper, something she didn’t know was there? This is the story of one woman’s journey as she confronts the scars of her childhood to open her life to a new member of her family and become a mother herself.

In the far-away Republic of Georgia, Corinne and her husband discovered a tiny infant boy, Read More→

Anne Holmes is delighted that her most current title is “Boomer in Chief” for the National Association of Baby Boomer Women. She sees this as proof that she is using her communications talents to the best of her ability – and loves that the work not only combines all the skills and talents she has acquired over a lifetime of working, but it also brings her back to her roots. Here’s why:

As a student in the 70s, Anne took several courses in gerontology while pursuing a graduate degree in communication. She became interested in aging, and decided to do her thesis on how the media could best reach and market to “plus-50” women.

At the time, Anne’s interest in “seniors” was a bit radical, since Read More→

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Stacy D. Shelton is author of ME, THE CRAZY WOMAN AND BREAST CANCER: Strength and Inspiration for the Patient, Survivor, and Those who Love Them.

Stacy had to face every woman’s worst nightmare when she was diagnosed, not once, but twice, with breast cancer. To make matters worse, a new presence, which she dubbed “Crazy Woman,” took up residence in her brain, wreaking havoc and forcing her to face her mortality.

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Diana Perez, Laughter Yoga and Humor Therapist

Diana Perez, “Jolliologist” and Certified Laughter Yoga Leader will join Living Fully After 40 Radio host Anna D. Banks, Monday evening, March 22 on-air interview about the benefits of laughter for stress reduction.

Diana, founder of Laughter Heart, comes to you with 25 years experience in the Corporate world as a trainer, team builder and facilitator. During her Corporate tenure, Diana found that laughter played a vital role in stress management and team building. By incorporating laughter into her sessions, she found that people became more relaxed and focused more. Read More→

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By Cory Jean

The Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave is written by Bob Grant, a licensed counselor who presently lives in Georgia. In it you will find advice relevant to women who, in short, want to understand men; women that wish to know what to do to attract and hold a man’s attention and affections.

There is no doubt that Bob Grant holds not only the credentials and real life experience to write on the subject of what a woman can do to attract a man but he also has earned the respect of other relationship experts in the field. Read More→

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Lisa Tener, National Book Writing Coach

Mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, women of all ages, it’s Women’s History Month. What do you need to tell the world but haven’t? Do you have an idea for something to write about that hasn’t yet appeared?

Join us on Living Fully After 40 Radio, when national book writing coach Lisa Tener will share with host Anna D. Banks and listeners how she helps women (and men) write a nonfiction/how-to book and get published.

Listen and take notes as Lisa shares:

  • Why would a woman want to write a book?
  • Where and how do you start?
  • How to organize you book?
  • What are the steps one needs to take to get published?
  • Pros/cons of self-publishing and much more.

Lisa Tener Bio:
National book writing coach Lisa Tener helps authors write a nonfiction/how-to book and get published. Lisa has appeared on ABC World News with Peter Jennings and PBS-TV. Her clients have been featured on Oprah, Montel and more. Lisa serves on the faculty of the Harvard Medical School CME publishing course. Lisa works with private clients and also teaches an 8 week book writing course that she’ll tell us more about at the end of the interview.

Contact Lisa: