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Charmein Canton

Chamein Canton author of Down That Aisle in Style, began her fascination with weddings and event planning as a little girl growing up on Long Island. By the age of three she’d already made her first of many wedding cakes. Once she became a teenager she often found it hard to pass bridal magazines without taking a peek. A born romantic, she married early and subsequently gave birth to twin boys, Sean and Scott, in May of 1987. Although her marriage ended in divorce, it didn’t dampen her love of weddings, and after many years working as a paralegal she decided to follow her heart — she started her own business, Creative Elegance Catering and Wedding Consulting.

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Forget “one-size-fits-all” self-help programs. The Flow is totally different.

In fact, The Flow is like having a life, success, and wellness coach working with just you – helping you to get the life you desire.

Listen in as Tara Meyer-Robson shares with Living Fully After 40 Radio host Anna D Banks,  one of the most extraordinary mind-body-life programs that has ever been written.

With The Flow you can:

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Miriam Goodman is a journalist, author, award-winning radio and television producer, and public relations consultant. She has interviewed more than a thousand people, from celebrities to diplomats, from Margaret Mead to Marilyn Chambers. She created, produced and hosted the first nationally syndicated feminist radio program, which ran for seven years from New York to San Francisco on the RKO radio network and dozens of other stations and earned several radio awards. She has been a frequent contributor to National Public Radio, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Miriam was a television producer for Newsweek Broadcasting, a documentary producer for the San Francisco NBC TV-affiliate and received two EMMY nominations her television documentaries.

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Robert Siciliano is McAfee’s security consultant, as well as an American television news correspondent, security analyst, and author of “The Safety Minute: How to take control of your personal security and prevent fraud”. Featured on the The Today Show, CBS Early Show, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CNBC, Inside Edition, EXTRA, Tyra Banks, Stern, and in USA Today, Forbes, Tech Republic, SC, CSO, Search Security, Tech News World, EWeek, SecurityInfoWatch, NY Times, Boston Globe, LA Times, Wash Post, Chicago Tribune, AP, UPI, Reuters, and Entrepreneur. He is a security consultant for McAfee ( as well as the founder of

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We all know how difficult it is to get the men in our lives (including ourselves!) to go to the doctor. But the longer they put it off, the more they put themselves at risk for tons of serious diseases—including prostate cancer.

More men get diagnosed with prostate cancer per year than women do with breast cancer, and yet men still tend to keep the topic under wraps. Well, no more, says Norris Beren! A top CEO and cancer survivor, Norris will educate, enlighten and inspire Living Fully After 40 Radio listeners who may be battling with the disease (or know someone who is). With more cases being diagnosed every day, it’s time to get this topic out in the open where it belongs—and Norris is here to do just that Read More→

Addiction Codependency is the pandemic issue currently affecting the lives of over 40 million American adults.

In the book, Fine…ly—My Story of Hope, Love, and Destiny, Randi Fine’s exposé is a beacon of light for the myriad of sufferers who don’t know where to turn for help. With five decades of hard-earned insights, and with unguarded vulnerability, Ms. Fine offers hope, validation, and meaning to all who read her story.

Randi Fine’s spiritually uplifting memoir, Fine…ly, examines the underlying issues that began in her childhood, and then builds the codependent experience brick by brick. The true story follows the author’s complex journey that spans more than fifty years, and explains society’s mindset at the time of each of her experiences. Yiddush expressions, remnants of her Jewish upbringing, are humorously peppered throughout the book. Though many facets of the story are heartbreaking, the author ends Fine…ly on a high note; joyously and victoriously.
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You’ve Earned Your Money  Now Here’s How to Keep It!

“It’s easy for anyone to believe the government protects it’s citizens’ rights.  But the truth is, in matters of taxes, once the IRS gets its hands on your money, you can kiss that money goodbye.  You must act before that event takes place.  At the end of the day, it’s what your and your family get to keep that  counts.”  ~ Rick Rodgers, CFP

Tax efficient investing has always been important. It will become even more important if the Bush tax cuts come to an end on December 31, 2010. The top 2% of income earners with total family income above $250,000 will be hit especially hard. Some call it the largest tax increase in history.

Join us, Monday, December 2, 2010 as Lee Pelko, CFP from the firm Rodgers and Associates, shares Living Fully After 40 Radio,
some suggestions to consider to
prepare for 2011.

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Actress Corinne Chateau knew that if she was going to have a baby, she had better hurry up—but something kept stopping her. Was it the fear of giving up a life of theatre and artistic freedom? Or was it something even deeper, something she didn’t know was there? This is the story of one woman’s journey as she confronts the scars of her childhood to open her life to a new member of her family and become a mother herself.

In the far-away Republic of Georgia, Corinne and her husband discovered a tiny infant boy, Read More→

A Majority of adults use “Back to School Time”

As an opportunity to re-direct their own Life!

Life not going as planned?

Whether it’s a love life problem, challenges with finances, or a career that just isn’t panning out, Sandi Athey can help you, our listeners get back on track.  She’ll help you discover your own inner voice, while at the same time helping you cut through life’s noise to hear you own intuition.  She’ll share with you, our listeners how to uncover the blocks that are stopping you from creating the life you desire.

With over 20 years of experience as a professional intuitive, Sandi knows how to use the power of her insight to gain better understanding of the motivations that drive human behavior.  She’ll share knowledge gained over many years of instruction from traditional Native American teachers and leaders of diverse religious organizations. Her fun, easy-going nature will make her someone you don’t want to miss.

For more about Sandi, go to:


Sandi Athey has 15 years experience as medical intuitive, healer and animal communicator in a wide variety of formats including in person, radio, television, and lectures. She was a radio talk show host for seven years.

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