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“Having been a guest on several radio and television talk shows, I can say that Anna Banks is a top interviewer who gets to the heart of the matter with professionalism and a caring attitude.  Her goal is to help the listener understand what can be confusing subject matter, while allowing the guest time to explain the issues.”

– Robert C. Adamski, Attorney,;

Attorney Robert C. Adamski

Gary Coleman’s death is a lesson to us all

As reported in the press, Gary Coleman made a will while he was married giving his estate to his wife. He then reportedly divorced. What is the probable disposition of his estate? Most states, including Florida, provide that a divorce voids any any provision in a will for a former spouse, who is treated as if he or she died at the time of the divorce. If a person wishes to provide for a former spouse after divorce a person must make a new will. In Gary Coleman’s case his estranged parents will inherit his estate. Because Gary and his parents were estranged the end result is probably something that Gary would not desire. What if Gary Coleman had made a trust which made gifts to his spouse? Would those gifts be void if they divorced? Yes, the Florida Trust Code provides that any provision in a trust for a former spouse is voided by a divorce, and that the former spouse is treated as if he or she died at the time of the divorce. What is the lesson here? Keep up with your estate planning documents as changes occur in your life. Read More→

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Robert C Adamski

Who Wants to Steal Your Inheritance and How to Protect Yourself and Your Family”

Attorney Robert Adamski Helps YOU and Your Family Avoid “Inheritance Hijackers”

Michael Jackson’s untimely death resulted in a slew of questions: Who is in charge of his estate? Which family member gets what? What happens to all of his assets?

We might not all have the assets and the issues that Michael Jackson had, but  attorney Robert Adamski maintains that to our loved ones, what happens to our estate is equally important. We all hope that our loved ones will be taken care of after we’re gone, but how can we be sure that someone won’t take what doesn’t belong to them? And if we’ve been gifted an inheritance, how can we make sure that we receive what our loved ones intended? Read More→