Francine Silverman, the “Talk Radio Advocate

“We all like to be thanked for our efforts. Anna Banks, host of Living Fully After 40 Radio, goes beyond the pale. I was on her show recently, and afterward I didn’t even get to my computer to thank her when she called me to thank me for being her guest. Then I received a greeting card from her with her photo on the front mouthing the words “Thanks for being a great guest!” and the name of her show at the bottom. Inside is all her contact information and a personal printed note wishing me continued success with my book and eBooks and providing the link to my interview.

This kind of marketing helps the recipient remember her show and the kindness of the host.

You don’t have to be a radio host to use this idea. Someone help you promote your book? Send them a card with the message “Thanks for helping promote my book!” place all your contact information on the inside cover along with a personal note – naming that person’s book or business. It goes a long way. “

– Francine Silverman, the “Talk Radio Advocate,” is also author of Talk Radio Wants You and editor of